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Landscapes / Plein Air

Available Small Works

"Little Gems"

All original oil paintings worked on site.


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Yvette Rosa painting en plein air, Rocky Mountain National Park

Yvette Rosa working en plein air,

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.


The Reporter-Herald article excerpt:


Nearly every day this past summer, Loveland artist Yvette Rosa stepped outside to capture the sky and land, painting en plein air. She detailed the shifts of the clouds and the light as it played on the landscape.


"There is nothing like being outside and studying light from nature, studying the true qualities of light, and being in the moment, experiencing where you are," Rosa said. "Depicting your surroundings, with all the emotions you are feeling and throwing it on the canvas is something you need to do quickly because the light is always changing."


All of her little plein airs measure 8 by 10 inches and below, and they were all completed in about three hours. Each canvas features local scenery.


"I call them Little Gems because they happen in a way that is fleeting yet precious," Rosa said. "They are very present, in the moment and lively."


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