Yvette Rosa has traveled the globe extensively, pursuing foreign cultures and terrain.


Being an avid plein air painter, Yvette finds inspiration in the natural landscape and the wildlife it supports. She feels that Nature is the best teacher. Studying nature’s colors and quality of light is a continual journey for her, along with observing the nuances of animal behavior in their natural environment. She uses her field references and research when working in her studio.


In Yvette’s portraiture and figurative work she exhibits an empathy, apparent by the subtle emotional qualities present in her subjects. She’s always looking to capture an elusive expression, a twinkle in the eye or a passing gesture.Yvette enjoys reflecting nature and life through her paintings and sharing her connection to the subject with the viewer.


“Along with the North American fur trade of the early 1800’s co-existing with the established Native American culture, I have extended my focus to include ancient horse cultures and nomadic Peoples of the East and Asia, both historical and those of our present day.


The people and ways of life along the Silk Road, the Orient and throughout Asia, both currently and of the past, have always held significant intrigue for me. I find studying and encompassing this subject into my work genre a great source of inspiration."